Optimizing Performance Enhancing reliability

Whatever your cutting application, there’s a Hypertherm HyPrecision™ waterjet pump designed to meet your needs. Hypertherm offers a full range of reliable, efficient waterjet cutting machines for around-the-clock operations, small prototype jobs, and every application in between.

Advanced Intensifier Technology (AIT)

Hypertherm HyPrecision waterjets were engineered using Advanced Intensifier Technology (AIT). By rethinking the way the intensifier pump works, we were able to make it work harder, last longer, and require less service time. AIT, it’s what makes Hypertherm HyPrecision waterjets more cost effective than any other waterjet in the world.

Benefits of using HyPrecision waterjet pumps with AIT

  • Easier servicing
  • Longer lasting
  • Streamlined access
  • Optimized shifting
  • Simpler high-pressure ends
  • Prolonged seal life

The Lowest cost of ownership

60,000 psi vs. 60,000 psi – decrease your total cost of ownership by approximately 20%.

When you factor in the cost to purchase, own, and operate, you’ll find that Hypertherm HyPrecision™ waterjets are extremely cost-effective and outperform all other waterjet systems. Reducing your system cost by 20% means that you can reinvest in your business or put that money toward your bottom line.