Bring your machine into this century!

Have a machine you love, but it needs an update? At NcTech that's what we do.


Bring your machine into the modern era

NC Technologies specializes in making old machines new again. The pictures speak for themselves.

NC Technologies can tailor an upgrade path suitable for your needs and budget, these can include:

  • New updated gears and bearings. 
  • New updated drive system with modern ac motors and drives.
  • New CNC controller systems using state of the art technology to maximize ease of use and efficiency.
  • Total re-wire, including update of Emergency stop circuits to meet current Australian Standards. 
  • Total breakdown and repainting. Make the machine look new again.
  • New and improved cutting systems, plasma, oxy, waterjet drilling.
  • All of the above – The Full Retrofit.

What does a full retro-fit involve?

When your machine is getting a full retrofit. We come and collect your machine, then completely strip down all the electrical and mechanical components. Every bearing is replaced, all the gears are changed, refurbished/new motors, freshly painted beam, new caterpillar, rails and more. Even the cutting system is upgraded to a brand new Hypertherm. It’s a nut and bolt restoration for your machine which will make it look new and perform better than when you first got it!

What are some upgrades that I can do?

The options are limitless. Here at NcTech we can upgrade anything on your machine including its cutting system, we can bring your plasma from an older series to a brand new Hypertherm, bringing the cutting edge technology with it. Your machine can have upgraded drives and motors changing the way your machine moves for the better.  We can upgrade and over size your gearboxes helping to deal with the stress encumbered on your machine. Complete upgrade of controller – this is a game changer for older machines as it really brings them into today’s technology, making them cut faster and smarter allowing less plate wastage. Addition of tooling, never had an oxy but need one? Here’s your solution! There are many other add-ons that you can do.