Hypertherm's Edge Connect

The Edge connect is the newest cnc by Hypertherm. Bringing unrivaled reliability from the leading Phoenix software helping for ease of setup and quick cutting guides. The Edge connect is easy to use, as well as being highly advanced. It helps achieve improved and more effective cuts time after time. With the ability to be integrated into many different cnc machines, find out more by giving us a call today so we can improve your cutting machine now.

Kinetic's Controller

The Kinetic Controller, comes with many options to get you cutting quicker and more efficiently. It has many features to use to help get more out of your machine, whilst being very simple to use and an operator favorite. There are many ways to improve your cut with the kinetics controller. From its intelligent tracing and ‘go to processes’ functions you will be able to cut where you want whilst minimizing scrap material and improving your off-cuts. This controller does it all including on board monitoring of your Hypertherm gas/coolant and error codes as well as monitoring all the machine I/O for more effective breakdown and health checks on the machine.