Optimize your cutting solution with on-site operator and maintenance training

As far as your cutting system goes, the combination of fully integrated processes, coupled with knowledgeable operators and maintenance staff is essential in getting the most out of your investment. 

Whether you are focused on reducing part-to-part cycle times, improving hole quality, maximizing nesting efficiency or a combination of them all, having fully trained employees will ensure you are realizing all the benefits that our technology delivers. 

When it comes to being competitive in the market, these benefits will give you the decisive advantage.

Your training will be tailored specifically to your needs and goals to lead you to your maximum potential.

Maximizing knowledge is as important as the machinery itself

Not knowing how to troubleshoot your cutting system could lead to hours and hours of costly downtime. And since time is money, those costs can really add up. All the more reason to have high quality machinery and well-informed people who can operate and maintain them. When you have both, you have a robust value stream you can count on.

Operator Training

This program is designed to provide a solid framework on how to operate the entire cutting system effectively in the key areas of CNC operation, job set up and process optimization. Operators enrolled in the course will be trained in all aspects of the cutting process from loading the part program and selecting the process to aligning the plate and cutting. Common adjustments to ensure part accuracy and maximize cut quality and consumable life are also covered.

Operator training focus areas:

  • System set up and operation
  • Consumable selection and optimization
  • Gas selection
  • Operator-level maintenance
  • Basic troubleshooting

Maintenance Training

This program is designed for maintenance staff that are tasked with keeping your cutting system operating to its fullest. Hands on troubleshooting will provide a solid understanding of how systems operate and how best to approach repair issues. The training will primarily focus on the daily, weekly and monthly maintenance that is required to get the most efficient operation out of your system while reducing downtime and emergency repairs.

Maintenance training focus areas:

  • System set up and operation
  • Consumable optimization
  • Gas system functionality
  • Technicial-level maintenance
  • Advanced troubleshooting

Cost – the benefit far exceeds it

Your investment in training is well worth it with when you consider all the benefits it delivers. Having your operators and maintenance staff fully trained will lead to improved cut quality, longer consumable life, greater throughput and well maintained equipment. Considering the investment you put into a cutting machine, it’s essential you get the most out of it.